Rosy Ramirez

Yoga teacher and Shiatsu therapist, founder and owner of the studio

Rosy teaches classes of Yoga Evolutivo and meditation classes and gives therapeutic massages (shiatsu-thai), physio therapy and Reiki sessions. Also she practices butoh-dance, african dance and is very interested in the theatre of India. Rosy was trained in a broad and holistic way (astanga, aikido yoga, acu yoga). She has more than 25 years of experience as yoga teacher and shaitsu-thai therapist. Rosy lives and works in Argentina (Buenos Aires) and Brazil (Itacare, Paraty).

Practised therapies: 

  • Classes of Yoga Evolutivo (based on her vast experience in Hatha, Vini Yoga, Yoga Integral, Purna Yoga, Yoga Kurunta, Okido Yoga, Yyengar y Chikitsa) since 1983
  • Shiatsu-Thai massage since 1983
  • Physio therapy
  • Classes of Yoga Theraphy (Yoga chikitsa)
  • Tantra Yoga (trained with Paulo Murillo)
  • Shantala (massage for babies)  
  • Yoga classes for people with special needs (pregnant, disabled children and elderly people) 
  • Sound healing (a body therapy created by Fabién Maman) 

Trainer / Instructor:

  • Training and certification of yoga teachers since 1990
  • Trainer of Shiatsu-Thai therapists since 1990 
  • Trainer of Artistic Yoga 


  • Founding member of Alianza Sudamericana de Profesores de Yoga Integral (A.S.P.Y.I)
  • Actual president of A.S.P.Y.I. 
  • Co-Founder of Unión Argentina de Profesores de Yoga (U.A.P.Y) and the centre Sri Maitreya
  • Creater of the yoga school Yoga Evolutivo Integral



Pablo Castagnoli
Shiatsu therapist

Pablo has experience in various massage techniques and alternative therapies. He was trained at Estudio Rosy Ramirez (Shiatsu-Thai / Yoga Evolutivo) between 1993 and 1998. At the moment Pablo gives Shiatsu-Zen therapy and is stuying profoundly holistic therapies. Also, he regularly holds shiatsu workshops at our studio. Pablo has 15 years of experience. 





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